Welcome onboard the Flying Tigers Group virtual airline
The Flying Tigers Group is a community dedicated to helping aviation enthusiasts bring Flight Simulation to a new and realistic level.

Everyone is welcome to join our community. With our own flight management program, you will be able to download our timetables into your own simulator and get great help with lots of handy features and information about your flight. You are allowed to fly any regularly scheduled real-world passenger or cargo flight. Furthermore, we have created an extensive database containing historical flights from all over the world, ranging from the 1920s to last year. No other virtual airline offers the freedom of choice that we have. Our goal is to help you to realistically enjoy flying in the virtual world of flight simulation, but what, where, and when, is completely up to you!

Every simulated flight you complete will automatically be recorded for you using our custom-made ACARS program, providing a great support to your career as a virtual airline pilot! In your logbook on this website, you will be able to see all routes that you have flown, as well as statistics on your career, such as which plane you flew the most, or your average flight duration.

Our forum is the place to get help, to get news about real and simulated aviation, and to share your experience and passion for the flight simulator hobby, in a respectful and friendly environment.

Joining and being a member of the Flying Tigers Group is absolutely FREE. This virtual airline is made by flight simulation fans for flight simulation fans.

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