What we offer
Overview of the Flying Tigers Group virtual airline services
Everyone above 16 years of age is welcome to join our community. All members get full access to our services for free: links to current passenger and cargo flight schedules, historic timetables, fleet and route information, access to our forum, the easy and useful flight management program to record and submit your flights, a complete logbook that keeps track of all the flights done, and much more.
Our virtual pilots can use our services in conjunction with other flight simulator services such as flying online (VATSIM, IVAO, etc.). They can use the simulator they prefer, and can fly freeware basic aircrafts or complex payware.
Flight Management program
Every simulated flight you complete will automatically be recorded for you using our custom-made ACARS program, providing a great support to your career as a virtual airline pilot. The flight management program records many flight data including global positioning, fuel consumption, flight level, cruise speed, landing speed, etc. This data is saved in your logbook if you wish to use it for performance evaluation.
In your logbook on this website, you will be able to see all flights that you have completed. For each flight you can check all ACARS recorded data, as well as get an overview of your virtual flying career such as which plane you flew the most, your average flight duration, routes that you have flown, all continents, countries, and cities you have visited, etc.
At any time you can download your complete personal logbook in PDF format.
Flight Schedules
We allow simulation of any real world airline flight, both passengers and cargo, and provide links to get updated schedules online.
We offer a vast choice of historic timetable for airlines and aircraft from all over the world, from the dawn of aviation to last year. If an airplane model is retired from active service, or an airline ceases operation, we will do our best to add the airline to our extensive database containing historic timetables.
Our forum is the place to get help, to get news about real and simulated aviation, and to share your experience and passion for the flight simulator hobby, in a respectful and friendly environment.
We publish updates on simulators and addon releases, sales opportunities, and major product updates.
We publish updates on real world aviation including airlines, airports, and aircraft.
Every aspect of your passion can be shared and discussed with our community.
How much does it cost?
Use of our services is completely free. The Flying Tigers Group is being run by flight simulator enthusiasts just like you. Fees to maintain the website are paid for by anonymous donations.
If you are interested to make a contribution on a voluntary basis yourself, please contact us at info@ftg-va.org.