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We will not ask for your personal information other than your name and e-mail.

All members get full access to our services for free: links to current passenger and cargo flight schedules, historic timetables, fleet and route information, access to our message board, the easy and useful flight management program to record and submit your flights, a complete logbook that keeps track of all the flights done, and much more.

If this is the virtual airline you want to join, please proceed by carefully reading the membership terms and conditions below. If you understand and accept them, at the bottom of this page you will find the link to our entrance exam. To maintain our realism standards, we feel that applicants should have a basic knowledge about flying airliners. Most flight simmers should have no problem with the exam and it will only take a couple of minutes to complete.
You will need to achieve 70% or better on our entrance exam in order to pass, and you can do the exam as often as you need.

Membership Terms and Conditions
While holding an active membership at Flying Tigers Group virtual airline, members are bound to the following membership terms and conditions. Any violation of these conditions will result in immediate termination of membership without notice.

General membership
Membership is free and open to any individual above 16 years of age. Only one membership account per person is permitted. When applying for membership, it is the applicant's responsibility to supply valid and correct information: applications containing invalid or false data will be rejected.
Users must supply a valid e-mail address that he/she owns.

It is the responsibility of the virtual pilot to keep his personal information up-to-date and make sure all emails ending with get past the antispam filters. Pilots will be deleted from the roster when their e-mail is invalid or becomes deactivated, or when the pilot does not respond to e-mail messages when an answer is requested.

New members are required to submit their first Flight Report (PIREP) during the first 14 days. All members are obliged to submit at least one flight every 6 months. Membership accounts will be deleted if the user does not submit at least one PIREP every 6 months, unless the member has requested a leave of absence.

Membership Termination
Membership can be terminated at any time at the request of the user. All flight hours and logbook data will be provided as a pdf document. Management will terminate any account found abusing our services or using them to harm others or commit any kind of illegal activities. Removal of all flight hours and logbook data are forfeited without entitlement to compensation. If a member's account is terminated by management, the user may not be notified in any way about the actions taken, and will not be entitled to any compensation.

Operations Manual
Before your first flight we strongly encourage you to read our Operations Manual in order to comply to the level of realism we request. While we aim to give the virtual pilot as much freedom as he/she likes, we do require that pilots follow some basic rules. For example, we do not allow fantasy flights or simulated emergencies, and all simulated flights are to use real-world schedules from our official sources using the correct aircraft type as indicated in the schedule.
Activities and uses of our services must comply with the guidelines contained in our Operations Manual. Submitted flights that do not comply with our Operations Manual will be deleted. Consistent non-compliance to the instructions in the Operations Manual may eventually result in suspension or deletion of the account.

I have read and understood the membership term and conditions and accept them.