About us
What is a virtual airline?
A virtual airline simulates a real-world airline, flying its own aircraft and routes in the virtual world of a flight simulator.
Member (virtual pilots) join a virtual airline and choose flights which they reproduce in a flight simulator using realistic airline procedures. After the flight, all data about about the flight are saved in their personal logbook. As flight hours accumulate, members consequently progress through the ranks of the virtual airline.
But why?
Instead of playing randomly and aimlessly inside a simulator, virtual airlines aim to bring together a community of virtual pilots, and provide them with a fun and educational environment in which to structure their passion.
Virtual pilots seek to learn rules and discipline required to fully enjoy the simulation of an airliner flight, and a virtual airline provides operational rules and schedules to achieve that.
Flying Tigers Group
The Flying Tigers Group virtual airline (FTG) was created by aviation and flight simulation enthusiasts. We discovered that a basic structure that allows to record flight simulator activity increases the enjoyment of the hobby. On the other hand, we also enjoy the freedom of being able to choose to simulate any real-world flight that we want. We believe restrictions should only apply to the basic realism of airliner operation in performing airlines flights. What, where, and when to flight should be up to everybody’s personal taste. We like to reach for the "as real as it gets", but most of all, we know it is a hobby meant to be fun.
Joining, being a member, and using the services of the Flying Tigers Group virtual airline is completely FREE. This association is being run by flight simulator enthusiasts just like you. Fees to maintain the website are paid for by anonymous donations.